Characters of the film #3

Dr Vicente Patoja works full time as a psychiatrist at the central prison in Juárez and volunteers one day a week to diagnose and prescribe medicine to patients at the mental asylum.  Patients are picked up from the charnel house of Juárez and dumped at the asylum by police, immigration, families and social workers. Vicente navigates through the confusion of people who can’t remember their names; who don’t know where they’re from; who can’t escape their nightmares.  Drugs are available on an ad hoc basis and when they run out, the doctors work unravels. Patients are encouraged to help each other find paths for recovery.  Empathy and compassion are available in unlimited supply in the mental asylum run by its own patients.

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    Obat Jerawat (Thursday, 14 July 2016 05:50)

    mohon kunjungannya, Wow Ini baru informasi yang sangat menarik, sungguh beruntung aku ada disini |

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