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Dead when I got here x2 DVD + 12pp booklet + free signed photos with every purchase

Disc One

  • Dead when I got here - 72 min
  • I crossed the desert - 17 min

Disc Two

  • Antes Muerte - 48 min
  • Interviews with patients - 16
  • Running the asylum - 17 min
  • Charles Bowden interview - 5 min
  • Feature Excerpt - 10 min
  • Official Trailer - 3 min

+   12pp colour booklet

Please let us know how you found the film. Thanks.
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Asylum from the madness

The making of the film Dead when I got here


Words and photographs by Mark Aitken

Edited by Paul Moody

201pp including 23 full colour photographs, paperback,

120g paper, 210mm x 250mm


'Told with candour, 'Asylum from the Madness' is about learning to dispense with charitable pity. It is about realising how useless our cosseted lives and values are in the face of raw survival. This book is inspiration for living that is less diluted, more essential.' 


Published by Tacit 2016


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Asylum from the madness - sample.pdf
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This website serves as an extension to the feature documentary DEAD WHEN I GOT HERE. News; direct sales of the film and book; exclusive scenes that didn't make the final cut; photo essays and interviews all go towards a more involved experience. There are many contributors. If you wish to add anything then please get in touch.